Caranavi, Yungas. d. 23 January 2010. Photographer: Lars Andersen

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Emerald Peacock or Green-banded Peacock, Papilio palinurus (Fabricius, 1787). Poring Hot Springs, Sabah, Borneo october, 2017. Photographer; Hanne Christensen

Emerald Peacock , Papilio palinurus (Fabricius, 1787).
Sabah, Borneo october, 2017. Photographer; Hanne Christensen

"BNE - Butterflies of N. Europe"
Butterflies of Northern Europe is a unique,
comprehensive reference work that fits in your pocket
october 9, 2022
Pam's Butterflies by Pamela Sai.
Lars Andersen. Kori Wayku inca trail, Yungas, Bolivia d. 24 February 2008. Photographer; Prem RoyMy purpose of this site is to create an exciting butterflies & moths gallery, and that with my professional expertise & curiosity could lift slightly the veil of butterflies secret of life! (A non-profit gallery dedicated to natural watcher & Butterflies photography!).

So good luck with butterflies world! Lars Andersen

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